S010166GB Condencide Evaporator Cleaner and Disenfectant 5ltr


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Key Feature
  • Quickly removes dirt, slime and mould buildup leaving behind a fresh, pleasant scent
  • Excellent cleaning power, performance is unaffected by hard water or dirt
  • With QX-60 – Kills 99.9% of bacteria and fungi in 60 seconds or less
  • Improves energy efficiency and indoor air quality
  • Approved by Aspen Pumps and other leading condensate pump manufacturers

In stock

Technical Specification

Dilute 1 part CondenCide with 6 parts water. Turn off unit and isolate electrics. Apply diluted CondenCide with a low pressure sprayer set on a coarse spray pattern. Saturate areas to be cleaned and keep wet for 5 minutes.

Contaminated CondenCide will drain away as normal condensate. After cleaning, flush thoroughly with fresh water. Let surfaces air dry before re-starting system.


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