S6000 Swaging Tool Set 6 Piece 1/4”3/8”1/2”5/8”3/4”7/8”


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Key Features:
  • 6 Piece set with the most common HVAC tubing diameters,  Sizes : 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, 7/8"
  • Heat by friction
  • Fits into any drill, designed to work with drills and screwdrivers with a minimum of 1,800 rpm and 500 watts
  • 10x faster
  • Avoid cracks and leaks
  • Designed for the most popular tubing diameters in HVAC

In stock

Technical Specification

The Swaging Spin Tools allows you to connect tubes with ease and without the use of extra fittings; sleeves and unions, turning potential waste into a profit

To top that, you can swages with the Swage SPIN Tools in just 5 seconds!

To perform the swage on copper/aluminium tubing, simply attach the corresponding SPIN Tool size to a drill or screwdriver*. Because they perform their job using high-temperature and friction, no clamping tools or holders are required.

No more struggling with the swaging tool. The drill provides the strength

* Drills and screwdrivers require a minimum of 1,800RPM and 500 watts



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