TW UV Dye Wafers for Replaceable Filter Cores Dry All (100 pack)


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Key Features

  • OEM Approved Filter Drier
  • Filter Drier TRACER WAFER impregnated with Fluorescent Dye
  • Dye approved by all leading OEM, compressor & Refrigerant manufacturers
  • Compatible with all Refrigerants
  • Proven Technology with over 50 years or development

In stock

Technical Specifications

Tracer Wafer charged with fluorescent dye is placed along with the desiccant (Replaceable Core). When the system starts, dye safer is released and mixes with the lubricant and circulates with the refrigerant. In case of a leak, dye escapes with the refrigerant leaving a mark at the point of leak. Exact point of leakage will be identified even if only a pinhole. To expose the leak a pair or yellow googles are used to neutralise the fluorescent response, showing only the leak point. Dilution Ratio 1:1000, suitable for all refrigerant oils and systems. This product is suitable for use with Dry All Replaceable Cores. Wipe away with WD40 or similar cleaner.

Key Benefits
  • Most effective method of leak detection and cost saving
  • Reduce warranty repair costs
  • Easy introduction to HVAC systems
  • Designed for special OEM needs
  • No handling of liquid dyes, avoiding false leak indications
  • No additional labour by installation
  • No production line changes necessary
  • Used for quality control on production lines.

UV Torch and Protective Glasses sold separately.

Additional information

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Dimensions80 × 10 × 10 cm
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