Charles Gallo Drain Gun


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Key Feature
  • Small, lightweight and easy to handle
  • Insert CO2 cartridge into the Gallo Gun and press trigger to deliver 800 PSI oil free air to the line
  • Uses environmentally friendly CO²
  • Cartridges are environmentally friendly and recyclable
  • Quick and easy to use with no mess
  • Flexible hose for hard to reach areas
  • Safety catch prevents accidental discharge

In stock

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Technical Specification
  1. Wearing appropriate safety gloves and eye protection, engage (push up) the red safety catch
  2. Unscrew cap and insert cartridge with the narrow end facing up (Product code EVGG2521)
  3. Without depressing the trigger, screw the cup slowly into the head until the cartridge begins to contact the the puncture pin (there will be slight resistance)
  4. Quickly screw the unit together to puncture and seal the cartridge in one motion. Tighten only to the point where no escaping gas is heard. CAUTION: Do not over-tighten
  5. Release (push down) the red safety catch
  6. Insert rubber cone into the end of the clogged pipe and depress trigger to discharge the cartridge. For clogged condensate drains, a quick and full discharge works best.
  7. Unscrew cup to remove and dispose of empt cartridge. CAUTION: Ensure cartridge is completely empty by pointing rubber cone in a safe direction and fully depressing trigger until no escaping gas is heard.
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