Condensate Pump Mini ECO-LINE® (solenoid) Siccom


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Key Features:

Condensate Pump Mini ECO-LINE® (solenoid) Siccom

  • Pump module in-line
  • Detection module (2 levels float: Pump shut-down, Pump start-up)
  • Low noise level pump: 25 dBA (certified by LNE, an independent french laboratory)
  • Removeable Clear Reservoir
  • Ultra Compact
  • IP64 Protection Rating
  • Accessories: All included in Box
  • Hanging Bracket


In stock


Condensate Pump Mini ECO-LINE® (solenoid) Siccom ultra compact and easy to install, for the condensate removal of air conditioners up to 10kW.

Technical Specifications
Max flowrate 13.2l/h
Max suction head 1.5m
Max discharge head 10m
Electrical power Voltage 230V 50hz & 220V 60Hz
Pump Power 19W
Operating Factor 100%*
Thermal protection yes, with auto restart
Length 125mm
Width 30mm
Height 30mm

*The pump is able to run 100% of the time is necessary.



Additional information

Weight .340 kg
Dimensions 13 × 8.5 × 7.5 cm

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Mini pump condensate ECO line (solenoid Pump)

Condensate Pump Mini ECO-LINE® (solenoid) Siccom

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