The following terms and conditions apply to ‘free gift’ promotions and offers which run with qualifying orders from time to time:

  • Duration – All promotions are only valid within the published dates. The published dates are also the qualifying period for purchases and gift claims.
  • Gift Claim* – Gifts are not automatically dispatched and must be claimed by completing the offer claim form with all required details. The form must be received by Evomart Ltd during the qualifying period along with required proof of a qualifying purchase made during the qualifying period. Gift claims will be processed subsequent to them being received. Proof of postage/email of a claim is not proof of delivery or receipt of a claim by Evomart Ltd. Incomplete claims, inaccurate claims, or claims received after the qualifying period, may not be processed. In the event of any dispute the decision of Evomart Ltd is final.
  • Delivery – The free gift will be dispatched subsequent to a successful claim being processed and subject to stock being available.
  • Quantity limit – A maximum of one free gift per person, per order, per address is permitted for any promotion. Unless otherwise stated you will receive one gift for your first claim only, subject to stock being available.
  • Returns – Should a customer return an item for which a free gift was claimed the free gift must also be returned before any refund is considered, failing the return of the free gift Evomart Ltd reserves the right to charge full retail price for the free gift and deduct that amount from any refund.
  • No Substitution – The free gift may not be substituted for any other item, cash, credit or discount for any reason.
  • No Combination – Offers may not be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  • Stock Availability – All free gift promotions are limited to stock availability. Evomart will take down any offer as soon as is practicable after stock is no longer available. Where free gift stock ceases to be available no substitution will be offered.
  • Terms Amendment – Evomart Ltd reserves the right to amend these terms at any time. Amended terms will be published on the Evomart Ltd website.

Wholesaler/Stocking Partners

Wholesaler/Stocking partners should request terms and instructions by contacting the Evomart Ltd office.

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