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ClimaCheck Portable System

Complete ClimaCheck™ PA Pro, Performance Analyser in Rugged Carry Case for field use

1 off Pressure Transmitter 35bar(g)
1 off Pressure Transmitter 10bar(g)
2 off Pressure Transmitter Cables
8 off Temperature Sensors
1 off Power Transformer with Display
3 off Current Clamps 100:1A (max 60kW)
4 off Voltage Cables
3 off Voltage Probes - Red
1 off Voltage Probes - Black
3 off Cables - current
1 off 12VDC power supply
1 off Network "Patch" cable - 3m
1 set Mounting Material
ClimaCheck™ Software - Standard Version

ClimaCheck™ PA Pro III, Performance Analyser - Permanent System

Central Unit PA Pro 100 925
Power Meter EP Pro 100 512
3 off CT100:5A (can be replaced)
2 off Pressure Sensors
8 off Temperature Sensors
1 off Plastic Housing IP55
1 off Fused Terminal Blocks
1 off GPRS/GSM Modem
1 off Antenna
ClimaCheck™ Software - Standard Version

In stock

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