HK5NG Safety Valve Hose Set 1/4” SAE FM x 5/16” FM (3pk) 5ft/150cm

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Suitable for Refrigerant Classes A1-A3. Refer to instructions for specific refrigerants.

Key Features
  • All Hoses Feature - A solid brass "T" shaped SafeMate Valve on one end, and an open, straight Brass Valve Nut on the other.
  • SafeMate Valves - Have a screw down core depressor that activates refrigerant flow after the Brass Valve Nut has been fully tightened onto a service port. This prevents refrigerant from escaping into the atmosphere.
  • Red, Yellow Or Blue Offset Knobs - Keep hands away from the service port and help prevent refrigerant burns.
  • Swivel "T" Valve - Once attached, the innovative T valve swivels above the Brass Valve Nut so it won’t loosen if a hose is moved during use.
  • Hose Barrier Lining - Minimizes refrigerant loss vs conventional hoses.

In stock

Technical Specifications

A convenient three pack of 1/4″ – 5/16″ patented 5 ft (1.5m) barrier hoses in red, yellow and blue for safe and efficient charging, recovering and evacuating CFC, H/CFC, HFC, HFO, plus R410a, R134a and R12234yf refrigerants in residential and commercial HVAC/R systems.

Straight Fitting (Solid Brass, Aluminum Knob)1/4˝ SAE Female1/4˝ SAE Female5/16˝ SAE Female
SafeMate Fitting (Solid Brass, Aluminum Knob)1/4˝ SAE Female5/16˝ SAE Female5/16˝ SAE Female
Hose Permeation Rate≤1.01 Lbs/SqFt/Year  (≤4.9 Kg/m2/Year)
Burst Pressure≥4000 psi (27.6 Mpa)
Maximum Working Pressure800 psi (5.51 Mpa)
Tensile Pull (Per SAE J2196 and SAE J2888)Minimum pull force to separate hose from coupling: 120 Lbs (≥534 N)
Refrigerant CompatibilityCFC, H/CFC, HFC, HFO & R410a, R134a, R1234yf
Product Warranty1 Year
Replacement Gaskets for Straight End (10 Packs)HX14GHX14G HX516G
Replacement Gaskets for Valve End (10 Packs)HX14516GHX14516GHX14516G
Replacement O-Rings for Valve End (10 Packs)HX14ORHX516ORHX516OR
3 Pack Size (With Hoses)14.75˝ x 10˝ x 1.5˝ (375 x 254 x 38 mm)
3 Pack Hoses (Weight)1.87 Lbs (0.85 kg)


T Shaped1/4″5/16″5/16″
SafeMate Fitting*
Straight Fitting*1/4″1/4″5/16″


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Weight0.96 kg
Dimensions29 × 25 × 6 cm
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