R410a Refrigerant 10kg-Gas Content 1/4″ SAE RH Valve


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Key Features:

R410a Refrigerant 10kg-Gas Content 1/4" SAE RH Valve.

* Only certified and compliant contractors may purchase this product.

** Only available for collection from us at this time.

In stock

Technical Specifications:

R410a Refrigerant 10kg-Gas Content 1/4″ SAE RH Valve.

Other alternative refrigerants: R22, R13B1, R32, M089, R23, R508B.

Lubricants: PAG-Auto, POE.

Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP): 0

Global Warming Potential (GWP): 2088

R410A operates at higher pressures than most other HFC-refrigerants, and designed for applications designed for R22 – but cannot be used as a retrofit/drop-in replacement. R410a is a key refrigerant where smaller components are used. Applications include: domestic refrigeration and light air conditioning.

Additional information

Weight17.5 kg
Dimensions23 × 23 × 50 cm
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