DSF-165-ORN Suction Line Filter


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Key Specification
  • 5/8" O Ring
  • Maximum Working Pressure - 35 bar (508 PSIG)
  • Used on the suction line
  • High efficiency micro Filter Fabric encased in a SS Frame for efficient contamination removal
  • Filtration upto 40 microns
  • Access Valves on both inlet / outlet side for pressure readings
  • UL certified / PED
  • Corrosion resistant Powder Coating finish

In stock

DSF-165-ORN Suction Line Filter is a HVAC&R Line Component used in Refrigeration and Air-conditioning systems to filter contaminants such as dirt, debris, metal particles, or other solid impurities, from the refrigerant within the suction line. It helps protect the compressor and other system components from debris and contaminants that could potentially damage the system.

Protecting Compressor – One of the primary purposes of a suction line filters is to protect the compressor from damage. Contaminants can wear down compressor parts, leading to decreased efficiency, increased energy consumption, and potentially costly repairs or failure of the compressor.

Maintaining System Efficiency – By removing contaminants, the suction line filters help maintain the efficiency of the refrigeration or air conditioning system. Clean refrigerant ensures better heat transfer within the system, allowing it to operate more effectively and maintain optimal performance.

Extending System Lifespan


Outer Diameter(⌀) – 63.5mm / 2.5″ Inch

Body Length – 110mm / 4.34″ Inch

Stopper to stopper length – 136.3mm / 5.37″ Inch

Overall Length – 170mm / 6.7″ Inch

Connection Type – 5/8″ O Ring

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