TRS21E Sparkproof Recovery Machine 240V + MT69 Subcooler


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Suitable for Refrigerant Classes A1-A3. Refer to instructions for specific refrigerants.

  • Designed and tested to meet ANSI 12:12.01 Ignition Proof standards
  • For use on refrigerant systems utilizing Classes A1, A2, A2L & A3; R-32, R-1234yf, R-1234ze, R290
  • Maintenance free oil-less compressor
  • Permanently lubricated and sealed main bearings
  • Improved piston seal design for less leakage and deeper vacuums
  • High pressure cutoff switch with LED indicator
  • Cleanable 100 mesh inlet filter
  • Fastest recovery rates in its class
  • Ignition proof ON-OFF switch
  • Sealed start relay
  • Hard wired 9.8 ft. (3m) power cord
  • CE, TUV listed
  • Technical Data sheet

Suitable for Refrigerant Classes A1-A3. Refer to instructions for specific refrigerants.

  • Dimensions: 4" D x 12" H (102mm x 305mm)
  • Weight: 2.26 kg
  • 1/4" Male Flare Inlet & Outlet Fittings With Caps
  • Glycerin Filled Pressure Gauge to Monitor Pressures.
  • Copper Coil & Aluminum Housing Construction For Durability
  • Provides Additional Sub-cooling With Any Recovery Unit
  • Maximum Operation Pressure: 550 PSIG
  • Discharge Pressure Gauge: 0 to 600 PSIG
  • Inlet/Outlet Connections: ¼" SAE Male Flare

A tool you can't afford to be without. Designed for use with any recovery machine, the MT69 transforms molecules of hot refrigerant gas into molecules of cooler refrigerant liquid. It also transforms molecules of cold refrigerant liquid into a warm refrigerant gas. The MT69 was designed to save time and money when doing refrigerant recovery work. It makes any recovery machine perform like a heavyweight.

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The CPS TRS21E is a spark-less, ignition-proof with fully insulated on/off switch refrigerant recovery machine. This unit does away with traditional components that cause possible points for refrigerant to escape making it more convenient for the Engineer when handling mildly- flammable refrigerants.

Recovery Method




Direct Vapor

0.703 lb/min 0.319 kg/min

0.597 lb/min (0.271 kg/min)

0.503 lb/min (0.228 kg/min)

Direct Liquid

11.95 lb/min 5.42 kg/min

8.86 lb/min (4.02 kg/min)

7.8 lb/min (3.54 kg/min)


31.7 lb/min 14.38 kg/min

31.53 lb/min (14.3 kg/min)

25.66 lb/min (11.64 kg/min)


The effects of high ambient temperatures and elevated tank pressures on the recovery process are well known. As the temperature/pressure of the recovery cylinder increases, the speed of the recovery process decreases until it is finally halted by a high pressure shut down.

The Pro-Set® MT69 Molecular Transformator provides valuable assistance in the transformation of high temperature/pressure vapor refrigerant into low temperature/pressure liquid refrigerant, dramatically improving recovery speed and efficiency.

The MT69 Molecular Transformator is a patent-pending “Innovation in Design™” from CPS, intended for use with all commercially available brands of refrigerant recovery subcooler coil equipment. The MT69 subcooler is extremely easy to use, saves time and money and provides the missing link in high ambient performance that exists in all commercially available recovery machines on the market today.

Dimensions: 4″ D x 12″ H
(102mm x 305mm)
Weight: 2.26kg
Heat Sink Temperature: 100° F
Maximum Operation Pressure: 500 PSIG
Discharge Pressure Gauge: 0 to 600 PSIG
Inlet / Outlet: 1/4″ SAE Male


Feature Highlights
  • Functions as a submersible condenser or evaporator.
  • Essential for recovering R410A on hot days.
  • The hotter it gets the better it works.
  • Eliminates the need to change tanks when recovering R410A.
  • Eliminates annoying shut downs due to the high pressure switch limits.
  • Dramatically improved the performance of any recovery machine.
  • Essential for recovering liquid refrigerant on cold days.
  • Eliminates the need for “throttling” your recovery machine.
  • Eliminates liquid slugging at colder temperatures.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Rugged, compact and easy to use.
  • Cuts recovery times in half.
  • Lowers working pressures for increased safety.
  • Extends the life of all your recovery tools including hoses & manifolds as well as your recovery machine.
  • Pays for itself on the first big job of the season.
  • Puts money in your pocket every time you use it.
  • Up to 95% increase in recovery speed.*
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • Patents Pending.

*Using CPS model TR21 recovery machine at 120 degree F recovering 15lbs of R22. Actual time without MT69 was 32 minutes vs 17 minutes with MT69.

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