Oxy Turbo 90 Kit


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Key Features:
  • Hoses with check valves
  • Oxygen and turbo gas regulators
  • Valved welding torch with standard nozzle
  • 2 brazing rods
  • Carry Frame
  • Micro nozzle set
  • Goggles
  • Spark lighter

Out of stock

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Technical Data

The product safety is guaranteed by four flashback arrestors with double protection: one on the pressure reducer, one on the gas tap and two integrated in the hand grip. Supplied with disposable Gas & Oxygen bottles (additional bottles available separately) and accessories in a space-saving metal trolley. Compact and highly effective, the weight of the kit is only 5kgs. A handle and two holding areas for bottles make it possible to carry the set around easily

If the Turbo Set is not used for a long time or in case of transport by vehicle, unfasten the cylinders from the respective oxygen reducer and gas tap, avoiding the possibility of small and almost invisible leaks. The cylinders are equipped with guaranteed tightness valves. Make sure to keep the set in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place away from children and pets.


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