ClimaCheck, as Swedish Company, has since 2004 supplied a complete array of products and services for performance analysis of air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems. The objective is to globally change how refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump systems are serviced and monitored, by shifting focus to preventive maintenance and documentation of performance.

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  • ClimaCheck

    The ClimaCheck PA Pro III, available as a ClimaCheck Portable or Permanent DIN-Rail solution, provides a complete analysis of every operating parameter of any type of Air Conditioning, Close Control, Refrigeration or Heat Pump System, running on any refrigerant fluid.

    ClimaCheck PA Pro III Performance Analyser

    To measure is to know…

    PA Pro III is the third-generation platform for ClimaCheck measurement systems. It includes a new advanced communication module with built-in modem, Ethernet, WiFi, MODBUS and Bluetooth.



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